Caribou - Our Love



Dan Snaith nos presenta el track que le da nombre a la nueva producción de Caribou Our Love. El sonido es mucho más electrónico y bailable que “Can’t Do Without You”, el adelanto que nos presentó hace un par de meses, tomando prestada la vibra de su alter-ego Daphni. Enjoy.

#flashbackfriday photo inspired by @mmmandrew #fbf #whotookthis #bandphoto (at Wardlow Avenue)


Warpaint performing “Bees” & “Undertow” live at Lollapalooza Festival 2014

Gilberto Puente - “La Bikina”

Here’s another one that might be easier to recognize:

Jetlag ft. Esther - “Walk With Me”


Mullet Guy Whistles, Blows Minds

One fateful day in the late ’80s, during the golden age of talk shows, a man wearing a great t-shirt and an even greater haircut spent two minutes and 35 seconds performing an act involving whistling, facial expressions, and a Hoagy Carmichael song. Like a viral Holy Grail, it sat dormant for years, waiting to be discovered. Presidents came and went, nations rose and fell, hip-hop was born and New Coke died. The world waited for it to return. 

And now, finally, it has.