this is literally just a minute of pop punk bands saying the word “friends” clipped together and it is amazing

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Dude got too turnt at the VMAs


Midnight Hours by Wunder Wunder

These Californian based Aussies effortlessly pair sun-kissed good vibes with nighttime excitement. Their infectious upbeat track “Midnight Hours” will have you tapping your feet or steering-wheel drumming in no time but there is a heaviness.

And Wunder Wunder reminds us that summer is about shedding our daytime responsibilities, if only for a few minutes. But it’s all bittersweet. We are in the midnight hours of summer. But in 5h3m, we find moments of floating and fleeting freedom where the possibilities are endless. 

Turn it up, let your hair down, and savor the last bits of warm night air like you just snuck out your parents’ house. 

This submission was written by Kalani over at twenty-ish.com!

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Nicki Minaj - “Anaconda” (Fart Remix)