Lucille Ghatti - Climax (Amori Infiniti, 2012)

She samples Slum Village’s Climax along with Al B. Sure’s Nite And Day 

You ain’t have no patience but feelings got deeper
Baby can you reach it? I’ll keep you in my ocean
If you’re all up in my deep-end
You know I’ll be you’re freakin’, we can do this often
But when you get up in it, all the issues get lost in 
The drugs, the nude, the purp, the pills, the blue, 
The ahhs the oohs

SZA brings out Willow Smith at Rough Trade in Brooklyn New York and performed for the sold out afro punk crowd.


Kero One - In All The Wrong Places (Windmills Of The Soul, 2006)

In the beginning, I remember that God made man
Crafted in his image, with his own hands
Then out of mans rib, came the woman
The creatures we love, like or don’t understand
But its amazing, I see God’s beauty through her physical
Design plus her mind combined defines miracle
And I’m not convinced that a mineral
Or bang from the sky can derive such individuals
And as the world turns, I wonder with concern
The time we’ll meet and complete each other words
I’m kidding, but who says fantasies forbidden
See I’m the type of cat, that express myself from within
Driven, to promote love in every essence
Living by this mission its hard to miss the blessings
Caressing the mic like a newlywed wife
Ink flows from my pen in hopes to truly shed light
Upon this situation that I’m faced with
One that takes patience to build on foundation
That we both share now that’s stimulation
Anything less don’t impress know what I’m sayin?
I look into the mirror and everyday it gets clear
I gotta steer from the places I’ve veered

Monrroe. - “Breathless”

Evocativ - “Echo”

Kailo - Say That Way EP